Iraq Veterans Memorial Links

Brave New Foundation
Iraq Veterans Memorial on MySpace

Individual Memorial Videos
Spc. Genaro Acosta
Spc. Jamaal Addison
Lcpl. Alexander Arredondo (one / two)
Sgt. Sherwood Baker (one / two / three)
Lt. Kenneth Ballard
Spc. Douglas Barber
PFC Tamario D. Burkett
Sgt. Alessandro Carbonaro
Spc. Jonathan M Cheatham
Lt. Seth J Dvorin
Lt. Col. Paul J. Finken
PFC Joe Godfrey Jr.
Sgt. David W. Johnson
Cpl. Jeff Lucey (one / two)
Staff Sgt. William Manuel
Sgt. Atanacio H Marin

Spc. Patrick McCaffrey
Sgt. Christopher Monroe
SSG Paul Neff
LCPL Eric Palmisano (one / two / three)
Spc. Jose Perez
Spc. Chris Talley
LCPL Felipe D. Sandoval
LCPL John T. Sims Jr. (one / two)
PFC Steven Sirko
Sgt. Edward Smith
LCPL Shane Swanberg
Cpl. Nicholas Ziolkowski
Partner Groups
American Family Voices
Campaign for America's Future
Code Pink
Displaced Films
Drinking Liberally
Free Speech TV
GI Special
Gold Star Families For Peace
Gold Star Families Speak Out
Gold Star Wives of America
Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility
Iraq Veterans Against the War
Military Families Speak Out
North Texas Vets
Progressive Democrats of America
Soldiers Angels
Soldiers of Today and Yesterday
The Common Good
True Majority
United for Peace and Justice
United Spouses Association
Unitarian Universalists
Veterans for Peace
Votes for Peace
War Relief Kids
Young People For

Fallen Marines
A memorial site honoring fallen Marines from the Iraq war

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count
Includes counts of casualties from Iraq, Afghanistan, contractors, and coalition forces

Military City
Most recent official count of casualties and profiles of servicemen and women

Iraq Memorial Quilt
Pictorial memorial tribute which shows all the faces of military vets who have died in combat