You can screen the memorial too! Be creative! Project it on the side of a building, play it on a TV in your company’s lobby, download it to your laptop and play it at a vigil.

Host the Memorial on Your Website

You can help share the Iraq Veterans Memorial by hosting it on your website, blog, or MySpace page. It is easy to embed our memorial playlist video onto your page. Webmasters and bloggers, just copy and paste this code into your page. MySpace hosts, just copy and paste this code into your "about me" section in your profile:

Host a Screening or Vigil

Hosts around the country are holding candlelight and laptop vigils, screening the memorial in the lobby of their office, projecting it onto the side of buildings, broadcasting it on their community television station, and more. You can screen the memorial too. Be creative! Here are a few tips and tools.

Play the memorial on your laptop:

If you’ve got a wireless connection, you can always view the memorial by visiting the website www.iraqmemorial.org. However, if you are going to a vigil or other event and won’t have an internet connection, you can download the memorial here:

Download the Iraq Veterans Memorial (high / low / ipod)
(right click and choose 'save as' to copy to your hard drive)

Play the memorial on DVD:

To play the memorial on DVD, you must have a DVD burner on your computer. You can download the memorial (high / low / ipod) and burn it to disc using your computer software.

Read the Memorial:

If you are going to a vigil or memorial event and don’t have access to a laptop or TV, you can also download the transcript and read statements by the friends, family members, and others who have contributed to the memorial.

Download the transcript

Project the memorial:

Ok, now you’re getting fancy. To project the memorial, you need will a DVD projector, a DVD player or computer, a screen/surface, and a sound system. If you don’t have a projector, you can usually rent a projector from your local audio visual or computer rental company. Daily rates usually run between $100 - $300. Also, check with the venue you’ll be screening at. Schools, libraries, art galleries, and sometimes even coffeeshops have projectors.

A DVD player or computer is also required for playing video from a projector. If you are planning to use a computer or laptop, please make sure that the projector has the correct inputs. Not all projectors are compatible with computers.

You can rent a screen or just use a blank even surface, such as a white wall, side of a building, or white sheet. You will also need a sound system. Check to see if the location you plan to project at has a sound system. If so, what kinds of inputs do they support.

Most importantly, BEFORE your event, test all the equipment and your DVD to make sure everything is compatible, you have the correct cables and connections, and the equipment is working properly.

Play the memorial on your iPod:

If you'd like to play the memorial on your iPod, download the memorial (high / low / ipod). You can then transfer it to your iPod using your iTunes software.

Download the Iraq Veterans Memorial (high / low / ipod)
(right click and choose 'save as' to copy to your hard drive)