Thank you for visiting the Iraq Veterans Memorial.

Over the past four years we have lost many wonderful men and women to the Iraq War. This site was conceived as a place to honor the fallen servicemembers who gave their lives representing the United States of America.

By watching the videos, you will have the opportunity to learn about these heroes from those who knew them best -- their family, friends, and fellow servicemembers. Each man and woman represented in the memorial had attributes and qualities that made them unique, but they all have one thing in common - they were truly loved and are deeply missed.

We hope that by viewing the Iraq Veterans Memorial you will learn a little bit about how these men and women lived. We encourage everyone who has lost a family member or friend to create a video memorial so that others can better understand the life that was lived and the love that was lost. Find out more information on contributing your video.

There are many other people who have died during the Iraq War - contractors, Iraqis, servicemembers from other countries - and many who have been critically wounded. Many heroes have also died and been wounded in Afghanistan. We honor all of these people and their families for the sacrifices that have been made.

We greatly appreciate and respect those people who have shared a part of themselves by participating in this project. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to learn about the men and women who died for their country.

Jim Miller and the team at Brave New Foundation
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